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My Favorite Catholic Resources

The Domestic Monk  - My YouTube channel where I post positive messages from a cradle Catholic striving to grow in the virtues of faith, hope and charity.

Father Mark Goring - I love Father Mark's channel!  His videos are typically short, inspirational talks about all aspects of the Catholic faith.  He also posts some fantastic retreats he leads at his parish.

Coffin Nation - Patrick Coffin is an accomplished  Catholic apologist and speaker.  Coffin Nation is a private, subscriber based platform but he posts videos for free providing his insight and perspective on all things Catholic that should not be missed!

Father John Holowell - Another no nonsense, straight talking priest who posts his sermons and speaks about Catholic current events.

To Prepare His Way.  Another YouTube channel with thoughtful commentary by Father Anthony Hannon, founder of the In Viam Pacis Retreat Center, soon to open in Canada.

In my opinion, Kresta in the Afternoon is the most thoughtful and insightful radio talk show on all things Catholic.  I spend 2 hours almost every weekday afternoon with my earphones in soaking up this wonderful Catholic radio show.

Blue Collar Catholic - down to earth apologetics from a Protestant convert to Catholicism.  He’s awesome!

Doug Barry - Good solid, positive Catholic commentary commentary.

Sensus Fidelium, excellent homilies on all things Catholic.