Saint George, Martyr

This week’s Saint of the Week is Saint George, the dragon slayer.  Like Saint Nicholas, very little is really known about the life of Saint George, but he has become the stuff of legend nonetheless.  He lived in third century Palestine and was a Roman Tribune for Emperor Diocletian.  Saint George served in the Emperor’s Imperial Guard, much like his contemporary, Saint Sebastian, who was featured in Saint of the Week in January, 2020.  According to legend, a town was being terrorized by a dragon, (probably a crocodile),  who took up residence near the town’s water source and would only go away if given something to eat.  When the village ran out of sheep, the King’s daughter drew the short straw, literally, and was offered up as a sacrifice to placate the hungry dragon.  That’s when Saint George sauntered right up, slew the dragon with his lance and converted the grateful King and his entire village to Christianity on the spot.  This daring feat didn’t have quite the same impact on the Emperor, however, who, after failing to persuade Saint George to denounce Christianity, had him tortured and beheaded.  This act  made Saint George a martyr for the faith. 

Feast Day:  April 23

Patron of:  Boy Scouts, England, Portugal, Soldiers, Germany

Prayer to Saint George

I will go dressed and armed with the weapons of Saint George so that my enemies, having feet will not reach me; having hands will not trap me; having eyes will not see me, neither with thought can they cause me harm.

Firearms will not reach my body; knives and swords will break without touching my body, ropes and chains will break without tying my body.

Jesus Christ protects and defends me with the power of His Holy and Divine Grace.

The Virgin of Nazareth covers me with her sacred and divine mantle, protecting me in all my dolors and afflictions.

And God, with His Divine Mercy and great power, is my defender against the evils and persecutions of my enemies.

Glorious Saint George, in the name of God, extend to me your shield and your powerful arms, defending me with your strength and your greatness; and may my enemies underneath your feet become humble and submissive to you.

So Be it in the Power of God, of Jesus Christ and of the Divine Holy Spirit. Amen

Saint George, pray for us!

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