Saint Abundantia of Spoleto

This week’s Saint of the Week is Saint Abundantia of Spoleto who lived in 8th century Spoleto, Italy. She was the only child of aging parents who had given up hope of conceiving a child.  Legend has it that all the bells in Spoleto began ringing spontaneously at her birth and at her baptism, all the candles and lamps in the church alighted by themselves.  When she was eight years old she saw a painting of the Madonna and child in the church and the child Jesus was holding a golden Apple.  Saint Abundantia really wanted the apple and the child Jesus reached out from the canvas and gave it to her.  

Saint Abundantia was educated by the monks of Saint Mark’s Abbey, in Spoleto.  Desiring the holy life, she lived as a hermit in the caves of Saint Onuphrius for five years, but returned home to appease her father’s repeated requests.  After his death, Saint Abundantia used her inheritance to care for the poor.  She also had the gift of healing through prayer.

Saint Abundantia died of natural causes in 804.  According to legend, the Church bells again began ringing spontaneously at the moment of her death, flowers grew spontaneously from the ground along the path of her funeral procession, and people in attendance heard the singing of angels.  

Feast Day:  July 15th

Saint Abundantia of Spoleto, pray for us!

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