Saint Regulus of Scotland

This week’s Saint of the Week is Saint Regulus of Scotland, a Greek monk living in the 4th Century.  Legend has it that Saint Regulus had a vision of an angel who told him to take the bones of Saint Andrew the Apostle, which were in danger of confiscation from the Roman Emperor, “west to the utmost region of the world”, and build a church to house them in.  Saint Regulus felt that Scotland fit the bill; landing in a place called Kilrymount. There he built the first church in Scotland to house the relics which included an arm bone, three finger bones a knee cap and a tooth. This area later became known as present day Saint Andrews.  Saint Andrew is the patron Saint of Scotland.

Saint Regulus is also known as Saint Rule.  St Rule's Tower, in Saint Andrews, stands as a monument to him today and is the current resting site of the relics of Saint Andrew.

Feast Day:  March 30th

Patron of: Kylrewni, Scotland

Saint Regulus pray for us!

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